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Holly M., Portland, OR
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All my life I had dreamed of owning my own horse, but I did what every one told me I shouldn’t do….buy a young filly. So I bought books, videos and enlisted the help of few different trainers over the next couple years who all taught me something but not enough and I always questioned whether everyone was right….until I met Angie.

At others recommendation I started taking riding lessons with Angie on a different horse to help me become a more balanced and centered rider. I knew she was also a trainer so when the time came to start my horse under saddle….I asked for her help. I needed a trainer that could help both my horse and I on the ground and under saddle…. I needed a trainer that could teach my horse to move properly and know where her feet are….. I simply needed a better horse and with Angie’s help and guidance…. I have a wonderful horse and no regrets about buying that young filly.

The transformation is amazing. Angie not only trained the both of us at ground work and under saddle, she helped my horse become a better horse….how to communicate better in a herd as well as how to carry herself better with or with out a rider. She taught her to not be afraid of everything that moves….to go on trail rides or be around a stallion….. She taught her to think before she reacts. Angie covered it all. Not only is my horse moving well under saddle, she is moving better at liberty. She steps higher and lighter and has movement I didn’t even know she had.

I am truly amazed and grateful everyday at what both my horse and I have learned from her. She has helped my horse to be confident and respectful, but what is so amazing is she didn’t interfere with her personality and allows her to express herself.
Absolutely phenomenal….We thank you Angie!

Jennifer C., Beaverton, OR
My new off the track race horse, Sebastian and I came to Angie to learn.  Angie helped me to regain my confidence as a rider after being away from horses for many years.  She helped Sebastian to understand there are more speeds that he can move his body through other than just run and stop! 

I was grateful that Angie helped me with all aspects of being a good horse owner-not just how to ride. She shared how to properly fit a saddle, how (and why) to slowly transition him over to new food, and even taught me how to properly clean some of his wounds after another horse bit him.  She is very gifted, genuinely cares for the health of the horse and rider and is a pleasure to work with.  She's a true professional!

Lizann D., Portland, OR
Miguel's Page
After Angie did such a wonderful job with my gelding, Miguel, during the spring/summer of 2008, I took my 3 year old filly, Vaquera, to Angie to start in March 2009. After 5 months of consistent, patient, training with Angie, Vaquera is now a wonderful riding horse. She went to Angie as a dominant 3 year old mare with an attitude (who I was becoming very frustrated with) and came back to me a respectful, obedient young mare who is a joy to ride. She is light, forward and so much fun to ride! Her ground manners are great, and since I have had her back home for almost 3 weeks now, she has been consistently respectful and has matured into a wonderful riding horse.

I also took Miguel back to Angie for a "spring tune up". She rode him in his first dressage show in July 2009, a very high profile show at Devonwood, and he did wonderful. Although he was nervous in the warm up and in his first ride, in his second ride, he won first place.

Angie knows horses and people, and after taking several lessons with her last spring and early summer, my riding has much improved. I would highly recommend Angie as a trainer and riding instructor. Her patience, honesty and disciplined, yet gentle training methods have turned my two riding horses into respectful, fun individuals who I enjoy riding several times a week. I look forward to more lessons and future shows with Angie. She is a natural and comes highly recommended!

Cathy C., Portland, OR

I heard about Angie Egberg long before I met her. I ended up with a new born filly and did not have any experience with horses at all. I lived in the same area as her parents and when I began looking for help with my horse I heard about Angie's gift with horses from others in our area. I originally wanted Angie to train her and then help me sell her, but through Angie's abilities I began to realize what a valuable relationship I would be losing if I sold my horse. Angie has helped me with training both in and out of the saddle and this has allowed me to feel both safe and confident in my relationship with my horse. Now I can't even imagine my life without my horse. Angie continues to work with both of us and I could not be more grateful to Angie as our trainer.

Holly M., Portland, OR
Rose's Page w/ Before & After Photos

Last year I was fortunate enough to purchase a wonderful Kiger Mustang named Bella Rose. There is a long story leading up to this but I will skip that part and say that I have known Rose for many years and she is what led me to Angie. Angie had trained Rose and several other horses at the barn I was boarding and I was privileged enough to take lessons from her on Rose. It profoundly changed the way I rode horses.

But I hadn’t seen Rose since I left that barn (almost a year) and when the owner finally agreed to sell her to me, I was stunned at what I found. She wasn’t sick or abused but appeared to have had no exercise or adequate turnout time since I left so she literally had no muscle tone. I remember not even recognizing her and literally walked right past her. When I entered her stall she seemed emotionally detached so I gave her a hug and whispered, “no matter what the vet says you’re leaving with me today.”

I was blessed that I had Angie to guide me through the process because somehow without her even being there, Angie knew and had a truck and trailer waiting.  But when Rose and I walked out of the barn towards the trailer, even Angie didn’t recognize her and had to look closer to be sure. But with a clean bill of health and the vet’s opinion that it will take about 5 months to get her muscle back, we brought Rose home. It was a wonderful bittersweet moment that I will never forget.

Angie had nothing but true concern for the horse and immediately put things in order. She had me set an appointment for teeth, shots and farrier and got Rose on supplements to help get her strength back. She put her in a private pasture and said that I should allow Rose the time to build some of her muscle on her own. That care and concern that Angie gave to Rose had an incredible impact, and 2 weeks later when the same vet came to do her teeth, he could not believe it was the same horse. Time passed and Rose blossomed and within 2 months she was ready to ride. 

I knew that Rose was beautifully trained previously by Angie and deserved to be shown and since it’s the typical case of the horse is better then the owner, I asked Angie to work with her and take her to a few shows. The transformation of a horse that had only been in a trailer or other barn twice in her life and never to a show was amazing. Angie gave her the confidence and ability to behave as if she has been doing this for years and they have five blue ribbons to show for it.

Today Rose is back to the beautiful proud mustang that introduced me to Angie several years ago and simply enjoys long walks by herself all over her expansive pasture. 

We thank you Angie….for sharing your gift and your love of horses.
Holly, Rose and Claire