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Creating harmony between horse and rider

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Nancy B., Hillsboro, OR
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I have been taking riding lessons from Angie Egberg for about 5 years.  Because of a riding accident many years ago, physical activity of any kind is a challenge.  Angie has designed my lessons to teach me how to use my body when I am riding and, as a result, I have been able to ride in several dressage shows.  Because of my accident, I was frightened when I began riding again but I know that the student's safety is one of Angie's top concerns.  Angie will challenge me to become a better rider but only as fast as she thinks it is safe to do so.

In 2005, I decided that I would like to own a horse.  Angie found a horse suitable for me on the internet and he (Pono) is becoming a dependable horse for both dressage and trail.  The change in Pono since I bought him is a tribute to Angie.  Pono's physical fitness has improved so much that he looks like a different horse and he has become much more responsive to the rider.  So both my horse and I are improving under Angie's training.

Carole T., Forest Grove, OR

Therapist & Artist

Angie is the most talented trainer of horses I have ever met.  Unlike many trainers with “one training method fits all”, she takes the time to understand each horse’s individual personality, and breed.  In doing so the training is individualized, and personalized with the horse’s capabilities and strengths.  This requires the years of experience that she possesses with many breeds, styles of riding, and personal mentors, who guided her understanding and wisdom around our equine friends.  She also is able to integrate the needs and abilities of the owner and the horse whether for show, pleasure riding or a pasture pet. 

Angie is realistic about the training necessary for the owner and horse to have an ongoing relationship after training is completed.  Harmony of horse and rider takes effort and changing some old mindsets, and incorporating new fresh ideas about how we function with our horses.  Angie respects and expects respect from her horses; however, all training is compassionate.  Angie's responses to horses in training are emotionally level.  She feels neither anger or fear but unending resiliency and patience for the horse’s growth and development.  A finished horse by Angie is an artistic expression of grace and beauty-a horse asking “what can I do for you”?  Willing and happy they want to do what is asked of them because they are asked respectfully and appropriately.  Her finished riders and horses are a vision of “true” harmony.

I experienced Angie’s integrity and compassion for horses and riders when one very cold night my horse, Amanda, had a bout with colic. I was beside myself with worry when Angie arrived voluntarily. We spent the night in a cold tack room in horse blankets.  Every twenty minutes we were up walking my horse.  I would not let her brave that driving wind and cold alone nor would she let me.  My horse survived that endless night and I will always be indebted to Angie for her care for both of us.  When the horse human bond is strong, so is the will and energy of love.

Eileen P., Bellevue, ID

I have known Angie for about 7 years. In that time she has become a very loyal friend.
When I first met Angie, she was teaching and training at a stable near my house. I was recommended to the stable and asked if they had a trainer there.

I had a very beautiful but spoiled Arabian mare that I had recently purchased. My mare was in training for a couple months with another trainer and it didn’t work out because of the distance I had to travel and he really didn’t know the discipline, Dressage, I was looking to learn.

My mare was brought to the stable to board where Angie was training and I watched Angie very carefully, work with some horses and give some lessons before I approached her regarding helping me. I saw how she interacted with the students and how she also worked with the horses. I was convinced she was very talented and gifted in her field before I even asked her if she would help me.

After I asked her if she would train my mare, she replied, “I will see how it goes in a few days.” Not committed at that point yet. After 2 training sessions, she had her listening and more willing to behave herself. She told me she would train her for me and I was delighted, because I saw how much she did for her in just 2 sessions; and believe me I watched.

My mare, Dot, became a really nice Arabian Dressage horse. I had her in training the whole time I was at the stables which was 5 years. In the face of some unfortunately chronic health issues, she was still performing at 3rd level dressage and learning Piaffe by the time I moved.

I had put her in a Schooling Show early in her training in 1st Level with Angie and she won High Point Dressage Score and 1st place in both her classes. I was so excited. I learned so much from Angie. More than I thought I’d ever dream I would, because I started at such an older age. I knew the basics, but nothing like I should have known after 10 years of riding. I will never forget how patient Angie was with me, and how many times I heard from her, “Sit Back, Eileen” and “Where are your elbows;” Plus many other helpful and constructive criticisms. I have to chuckle about my poor habits. Without her constant instruction, I would have never built the confidence and skill I have now. Of course, I can’t disregard the time and effort she put into my mare also. Dot is also a great mount because of Angie.

I would recommend Angie to anyone, not only for Dressage, but any discipline you would like to do.  Just to get the horse started and going in the right direction as well as training for yourself. Dressage is the basis for all disciplines. She is absolutely phenomenal!! I miss her and her help now that I have moved away.

In my observation of Angie training horses I would tag her as a ‘Horse Whisperer.’ She has a gift with them like I have never seen before and I have watched many trainers in many places. I not only esteem her, but I also learned so much from her, not only in my lessons but just by watching her with others and the horses she trained.