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Angelus Equus

Creating harmony between horse and rider

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Jeff Moore, ESTM, Equine Rehab & Therapy, LLC
Joseph, OR
As an Equine Bodyworker for the last 15 years, I've had the opportunity to work on both Angie's horses and many of her students. I've been impressed at how much more quickly her and her student's horses heal because of how she teaches and rides. There are lots of good instructors in the northwest, but Angie not only has the technical skill with a horse but also the tact that allows horses to respond without resistance or pain. It's always a pleasure to visit her barn.

Tom Larson, School of Equestrian Art
Santa Fe, NM
Angie Egberg is a very talented rider, devoted to developing her talent at training horses.  Her ability to pick up on a system of horsemanship, and process information, and then put it to practical application is admirable.  Coupled with natural talent, she is a joy to watch working horses.

Terri Bloomfield, DVM
Klamath Falls, OR

I have had the pleasure of working with Angie at one of our local horse ranches.  Angie was in charge of the daily care and decision making involved with the herd of horses.  I found Angie to be hard working and efficient in carrying out the day to day operations.  Her record keeping was very organized, such that anyone could look at the records and immediately know what had been done with herd health and individual animal care.  Most importantly, I found her to be compassionate and caring with the animals.

Pat E., Hillsboro, OR

I first met Angie some 15 years ago when she gave riding lessons to my then 6-year-old granddaughter. I liked the way she taught—age appropriate but not patronizing. Some years later, I looked to her for help starting a young rescue gelding that had suffered severe neglect and knew absolutely nothing. He was smart as the devil and very self-protective. Angie worked with him step by step, patiently explaining to me what she was doing and why, and then gave me homework so I could help this guy along. I saw a horse go from not knowing how to lead, to a horse that loaded like a dream, stood quietly for mounting, and executed the basics. He was too much horse for my 70-year-old bones, but is now happily in the hands of a 17-year-old girl (every horse’s dream) who uses him for 4-H and plans to compete on her high school equestrian team. She adores this horse. He owes his start toward this sweet life to Angie.


About a year ago I adopted a second rescue, a little Arab mare that also didn’t know much but was gentle and willing. I turned to Angie again for help, and because this horse seemed more suited to my old bones, I wanted to develop a better seat and hands so I could enjoy a few more years in the saddle. I can’t say enough good things about what both my horse and I are learning.

My two horses were very different in personality and learning style, yet Angie took each horse for what it was, never judging but always seeking the best way to help them learn and develop. No cookie-cutter lesson plans, but a thoughtful approach to each horse’s needs. In my book, this is what a real horse trainer is about.

Miriam M.-D., Aloha, OR

I’ve had the privilege and honor of crossing paths with Angie and her wonderful lesson horse, Diablo. I have been a student of Angie and Diablo for a little over a year; together, they are dynamic and talented duo and I have been the recipient of the many gifts and talents they have to offer. Angie has provided me with a holistic approach to riding; she highly emphasizes the horse-rider relationship as a fluid process that requires being present in the moment – that is, being present physically, emotionally, and spiritually. At every lesson, Angie fosters the importance of learning and growth, in order for me to become a better rider and horsewoman. In addition to learning about riding and becoming a better rider, Angie and Diablo know how to have fun…we always have fun together!

Kristin F., Beaverton, OR
Angie has been a big part of my life from the time I was a 6 year old little girl to now, as a 14 year old teenager. I still remember my first lesson with Angie. I thought I would just get on the horse and ride, but what I came home with that day was much more than that. Through all of the years I have known Angie, I've never met another person like her. She helps me grow not only in my knowledge of horses and horsemanship, but also as a person.

I may forget things from lesson to lesson, or I may make mistakes, but she is always there, helping me correct what's wrong. She never fails to make my time with her interesting and fun, and I'm never not learning anything from her, whether it be about horses or about life in general. She truly works wonders in the equine world.

Lynne & Ken F., Beaverton, OR
Angie has taught our 14 year old daughter, since she was 6 years old.  Angie has been a wonderful teacher from Kristin's very first day on horseback, through her years of growth, to become a very respected mentor and friend.
Her teaching style challenges Kristin to think independently and understand every aspect of her horse, to foster a respectful partnership between horse and rider. Through high standards, clear expectations, a variety of activities and continual encouragement at every level of learning, Angie has shared her vast knowledge and experience. On many occasions, Angie has gone out of her way to provide a riding experience that will be a life-long memory for Kristin.  
Her time with Angie has always been the highlight of her week, and has given Kristin much more than just a riding lesson.