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Angelus Equus

Creating harmony between horse and rider

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Riding Lessons

Angie teaches riding lessons at the beautiful Schwalbenhof Stable in Helvetia!

The basis of each lesson is on safety, enjoyment and developing harmony between the horse and rider.  All work is done on a dressage foundation, no matter the discipline.  Beginning to advanced students are welcome.  Lessons are available in groundwork, riding on the longeline, dressage as well as applying dressage principles to all styles of riding.

Although most lesson time is dedicated to riding, beginners also learn from the ground up.  Students will learn a well-rounded knowledge of horses, including but not limited to:  Grooming, saddling, riding in both the arena and on the trail, bathing, feeding, care and anatomy.

Advanced students will be evaluated on their skills and "holes" in their training will be addressed.  Focus is on advancement in their discipline while communicating clearly and subtly with their horse.  Rhythm, timing and proper application will greatly increase the effectiveness of the aids and the horse's willingness to understand requests.  Most advanced students bring their own horses, but many also want focused time on the longeline to address their own weaknesses.

All lessons are private.
Additional haul-in fee for students trailering in their own horse.

Gift Certificates Available!

Lesson Rates

 CostSession Length
Lesson with lesson horse
45 minutes
Lesson with own horse
45 minutes
Angelus Equus
Angie Egberg