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Angelus Equus

Creating harmony between horse and rider

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About Me and How I Got to Where I Am

I rode my first runaway at three years old.  Astonishingly, neither did I fall off, nor was I afraid to get back on the next time.  Though I have learned a healthy sense of fear since then, that experience was an important milestone to where I am now.  My life has revolved around horses and I have met some truly amazing horses and people through the years.

My passion for training horses began at seven years old.  My brother's 4-H leader asked me to start her three year old gelding, Skipper, under saddle.  Of all the horses I have started since, Skipper will always be extra special to me.  As a second grader, I was able to train this horse using a very systematic approach that was picked up mainly instinctively through listening to this horse's body language.

Until I was 12, western was the only style of riding that interested me.  I'm not sure what changed, but my parents supplied me with a complete english riding package and convinced our neighbor, Joyce Stride, to give me lessons.  There are few days that go by when I do not think of my early mentors and instructors.  In particular, Joyce Stride and Genny Olmstead will forever hold a special place with me. 

Luckily, my parents were extremely supportive and allowed me to raise and train several youngsters, both for 4-H projects and on my own.  Three of these "projects" were with me until each of their passing.  Star, the first horse to help me earn 4-H medallions, was the most reliable trail horse and always up for adventure.  Smokey, who has his own page here, was my horsey soul mate!  Corey, my wonderful Peruvian Paso, was the sweetest, most well-mannered horse I've met.  And Diablo, my partner in the lesson program, is now 23.  Each of these guys were or have been with me since they were one year old or less.

I have one more horse, Apolonia.  She was two months old when I met her at a large, amazing Andalusian ranch where I used to work.  When I left the ranch, Apolonia was two years old and offered to me as a very generous gift.  She is wise, sensitive and one of the best teachers I will ever have.

The first Andalusian I rode was Bo Derek's black stallion, Centauro Bo.  His trainer was Ramon Becerra and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take some lessons from Ramon.  He taught me that dressage, and riding in general, is about your partnership with the horse.  If your horse is happy, he will be very willing to try what you ask and amazing results await.

That one experience led into many more lessons and clinics with top riders and trainers, including some from the Spanish Riding School and the Royal School of Jerez.  I have learned a tremendous amount from such clinicians as:  Manuel Cid, Ignacio Rambla, Tom Larson, Carol McArdle, Jean-Claude Racinet, and Juan Matute.

The best teachers are always the horses though.  If we don't listen to what our horses are telling us, we miss out on the opportunity to truly be in harmony and work together as one. 
Angelus Equus
Angie Egberg