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Show Results:

Wishful Thinking (aka, Chino) is one of Angie's latest show partners, competing together for the 2014 season, and showing very successfully at I1 and Musical Freestyle.  Chino is owned by Karen Newsom of FallBrooks Farm.

2012 Results:                                                              2013 Results:
Second Level average:  64%                                         Fourth Level average:  64%
Third Level average:  64%                                             Prix St George average:  62%
Fourth Level average:  65%                                           Intermediare 1 average:  68%

2014 Results:
Intermediare 1 average:   66%
Intermediare Freestyle average:   67%
       10th place at the US Dressage Finals in Lexington, KY

Regalo QCF (aka, Tito) is one of Angie's up-and-coming show stars! They competed Training Level for the 2013 season and First Level for 2014, with a season finale debut at Second Level. Tito is also owned by Karen Newsom.

2013 Results:                                                                   2014 Results:
Training Level average:  63%                                             First Level average:  63%
First Level average:  61%                                                  Second Level average:   59%

After nearly two years off, Apolonia attended Bears Above the Ground Dressage Show on March 28, 2010.  We were all very proud of her!
First Place:  First Level Test 4, 64%
First Place:  Second Level Test 2, 63%

Miguel BTSF, a four year old Andalusian gelding owned by Lizann D., swept the awards in his classes at the 2008 Festival of the Andalusian!  After three months of dressage training at Angelus Equus, Miguel and Angie received the following awards:

    Reserve Champion English Pleasure                    Reserve Champion Western Pleasure
    1st Place Dressage Suitability                                  1st Place Western / English Versatility
    1st Place English Pleasure Jr. Horse                         2nd Place Western Pleasure Jr. Horse
    3rd Place English Pleasure Open                              2nd Place Western Pleasure Open

July 19, 2009:
Miguel attended his first dressage show...Dressage at Devonwood.  Though he was a bit overwhelmed at first, he quickly came around and performed beautifully.  Watch Miguel and Angie at 1st Level, Test 2:  Video Link
First Place:  First Level Test 2, 61%

March 1, 2009:
Angie and Bella Rose, a thirteen year old Kiger Mustang mare owned by Holly M., attended Bears Above the Ground Dressage Show:  Rose's first show!
First Place:  First Level Test 4,  67%
Second Place:  First Level Test 3, 61%

May 17, 2009:
Angie and Bella Rose attended May Madness, repeating
Rose's excellent first showing, but with greater confidence!
First Place:  First Level Test 4,  67%                    
Second Place:  First Level Test 3,  62%

July 12, 2009:
Another successful show for Angie and Rose
at Summer Daze!
First Place:  First Level Test 4, yet again...67%
Second Place:  First Level Test 3, 66%

October 4, 2009:
FVC Fall Finale was our final show of the season and
the conclusion is to aim for Second Level!
First Place:  First Level Test 3, 65%
First Place :  First Level Test 4, 68%

Watch Rose perform!

Angelus Equus

Angie Egberg