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For Sale

Luke Flynn
Thoroughbred x Clydesdale Gelding

16.1hh 1500lbs
Dreamhorse ad:

Luke is one very special guy and we are looking for just the right home for him. He was born April 2004. He is a dream to handle and settles right in to new surroundings, is curious yet confident and absolutely loves people. This is a horse for someone who thoroughly enjoys spending time with their horse, not strictly riding. For such a big boy, Luke is a very comfortable ride and enjoys working and learning. He always gives his best effort with a wonderful attitude and work ethic.

Luke is proficient with first level dressage and schooling second. We attended Dressage at Devonwood and Luke received scores of 68% and 63% at first level. He was used as a lesson horse for jumping several years ago and greatly enjoyed it. He has done Natural Horsemanship, trails, Working Equitation and clinics, camps and shows with his Adult Amateur owner.

I have not found anything that upsets Luke. He is a very happy horse who is always eager for attention. Although he is just about perfect in every way, I would not recommend him for a timid or beginner owner. He is a big boy and very responsive to corrections (i.e.: walking too fast to the pasture, moving in the crossties, walking off while mounting), but these corrections need to be made so that he stays tuned into his handler/rider/owner.  He is only for sale because of a couple of past incidents where his owner took for granted Luke’s gentle nature when he had pent up energy. Unfortunately, he did buck her off. This happened in the fall, when the weather was getting cool and Luke did not have turnout. She loves him dearly but, understandably, this isn’t a risk she wants to take again.

Luke is thriving in his current living/work situation and we would love nothing more than to find the right person for this incredible horse!

Fjord x Percheron Gelding

*** Sold ***

Congratulations, Kim!

15.2hh 1250lbs
Dreamhorse ad: 1945232

Obie's information will be updated as I receive more details from his owner. I have been working with him for a couple of years and have grown extremely fond of him. Obie is so sweet and absolutely thrives on attention. This is the reason he is for sale; his owner is a teenage girl who loves him dearly but lives too far away and just doesn't have enough time.

We are looking for someone who is willing to develop a trusting relationship and has the time not just to ride Obie, but also to pamper him and give him all the love he deserves. This is one very special horse who is always happy to see people and is a delight to work with.

He has been mis-handled in the past and it took time for him to trust those caring for him. He will bolt out of a situation if he is not comfortable, although he has not done this at all in over a year. He is not suitable for a beginner or timid rider.

Obie is great fun and strides right out on the trail. In the arena, he can be a little on the lazy side but never needs more than leg to move forward. He has an excellent work ethic and is always happy to try what Im asking. His gaits are very steady and easy to sit. He is trained in basic dressage, including half pass, renvers & travers at walk and trot.